Letter: Evidence can’t deflect doubters



Recently in Hawaii, I reconnected with a former East-West Center co-worker who delivered twins in the same hospital just a few hours later than President Obama’s birth. Also, she knew Obama’s grandmother (her 2008 Christmas card pictured them together). This former co-worker has written books on Hawaii and went public there about these coinciding births when “birthers” rejected Obama’s routine candidate public disclosure of his birth certificate. In response, she has received threats. Furthermore, she had a lengthy interview by Fox “News” in her home, felt the interviewer had finally believed these facts, and asked the interviewer to send her the material that Fox was to air. But it never happened.Even the current right-leaning U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear all “birther” lawsuits, including one just recently. Clearly there are plenty of Republicans who can easily afford hiring expensive lawyers to litigate such crazy ideas, so this may never end. It is scary how many people cling to what they want to believe no matter how overwhelming is the contradicting evidence.

Norm Luther