Letter: Role as mayor suits Leavitt



Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt may have striking features, but his chiseled jaw is certainly not made of glass. He has grown well into the responsibilities of mayor, in unprecedented times.

The past three years, we have experienced the worst economics since the Great Depression. City programs and budgets are being cut, and unemployed people are looking to blame anybody in elected office. We watch city council meetings and are constantly reminded that Leavitt is the right person at the right time to be our mayor. He remains poised and cool under the pressure of rancorous and personal attacks from some spiteful individuals. And Leavitt handles grandstanding, wishy-washy and immature council behavior with grace and even a slight sense of humor. As if all of that isn’t enough, Leavitt also stays on the high road when potshots come at him from the former (and still bitter) mayor.

His jaw is battered but solid, and he’s a better mayor for it. That is good for us. Now he just needs to save the world. What phone booth is he using to change into the blue polyester and red cape?

Anthony Woldrich