Sockeye count at Bonneville Dam a record on Monday



NORTH BONNEVILLE — A record-high daily count of 38,756 sockeye salmon passed Bonneville Dam on Monday.

Biologist Joe Hymer of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife said the tally blows away the old mark of 30,690 on June 24, 2010.

A record forecast of 462,000 sockeye are forecast to enter the Columbia, with 431,300 expected to return to the Okanogan River.

The old record was 388,000 in 2010.

State, tribal and federal biologists agreed on Monday the run appears on track to be a record.

Sportsmen have caught an estimated 3,007 sockeye through Sunday. The commercials landed 373 in their fishery the night of June 18-19.

The non-Indian allocation is 1 percent of the run, which would be about 4,600 sockeye at the current forecast.