UPDATE: Vancouver jogger who tussled with teens to appear on ‘Today’




Priscilla Dang, a Vancouver woman who fought off two teenagers who allegedly accosted her on a jog, is expected to appear this week on NBC’s ‘Today’ morning show.

Dang’s story of using her martial arts expertise to fight the teenagers, one of whom she claims slapped her on the butt, quickly went viral on the Web after The Columbian and several local TV stations ran the story last week.

The Huffington Post, an online national news magazine, ran a story on Dang. As of Tuesday afternoon, the story had more than 25,000 Facebook likes and 6,000 comments.

Dang said Tuesday that an NBC videographer interviewed her on Monday and told her the segment could air as early as Wednesday morning’s Today show.

Dang says she was jogging on the Padden Parkway path June 15 when the teens approached her, with one of them swatting her butt. She fought one of the teens, triggering him to display a knife. A Good Samaritan driving by stopped and called 911.

The 18-year-old accused of slapping her butt, Josiah Sullivan, was arrested on suspicion of fourth-degree assault. Charges of displaying a dangerous weapon against the 16-year-old were referred to juvenile prosecutors.