Letter: Ineffectual Congress needs to go



Campaigning for the presidential election has been going on for a year. Both parties have shown the bickering party-line votes and lackluster performance that has been their pattern and will no doubt continue. The blame mainly lies with Congress — which makes the laws, approves expenditures, oversees commerce, banking and Wall Street — and not with the president. The president cannot repair the damage to our country unless the Congress functions.

The 212th Congress’ approval rating is the lowest in history; their quest for power, their personal agenda and corporate influence has kept congressional Republicans and Democrats from moving this country forward. The recent complete failure of the supercommittee on debt seems to dramatically exhibit the overall inability of Congress to function.

One analogy is as when you have carpenter ants chewing on the same material; if not treated, the house will slowly fall down. Congress’ performance is very similar. Look at the trouble our country is in and Congress continues to “chew the same material” over and over again. The treatment for all members of the 212th Congress would also seem to be similar. Use the vote to remove them all.

Wilfred J. Hudson