Talking Points: Mariners going nowhere




Just in case you’ve stopped paying attention, the Mariners are 13 games under .500 and are 6 games deep in last place in the American League West and the season is not even at the halfway point yet.

They are closing in on Minnesota for the league’s worst record.

Seattle is rapidly letting the gap between them and Oakland get out of hand and settling in for yet another last-place finish again.

Justin Smoak remains barely a .200 hitter, “star of the future” Dustin Ackley is batting seventh now with a .242 average. Neither shortstop can hit .200.

This is what happens when the product on the field only costs around $50 million (minus the $27 million paid to Ichiro and Chone Figgins).

Anyone wondering why the attendance at Safeco Field often is on the south side of 20,000 per game?

Looking for hope on the farm: Well, shortstops of the future Nick Franklin and Carlos Triunfel are hitting .238 and .240, respectively. Outfielder Trayvon Robinson is hitting .260 in Tacoma.


One other quick Mariners’ note: Most of the power rankings have Seattle at No. 25, meaning they think there are five worst teams in Major League Baseball.

Talking Points does agree with the comment that it’s a shame pitcher Felix Hernandez has to toil on such a mediocre team.


It’s almost July, which means it is time to start thinking NFL again.

Sporting News has given the Seahawks a grade of C-minus for the offseason.

SN finds it “curious” to spend so much on QB Matt Flynn yet still having him compete for the starting job.

No. 1 draft pick Bruce Irvin is considered a gamble compared to the loss of linebacker David Hawthorne.

Acquiring tight end Kellen Winslow also failed to impress SN.

Seattle did get big kudos for signing defensive tackle-end Jason Jones, who when combined with Brandon Mebane and Red Bryant will make for a good front four to complement an exceptional young secondary.

Division rival Arizona also got a C-minus. Only the Detroit Lions got a lower grade.

Tampa Bay got the only A, while Dallas and Chicago got an A-minus.