Talking Points: Lamar Odom is moving on



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


When it comes to Lamar Odom, remember to keep the security on your memory banks high. Don’t let your recollections be edited if he ends up winning a title in two or three years.

Friday, Odom was traded from Dallas to the Clippers, the team with whom he started his NBA career, and a team that he could help take further than the franchise has ever gone. But don’t cheer for him if he does.

After playing an integral role in bringing two championships to the Lakers, Odom asked for a trade after his fragile feelings were hurt when his name came up in trade rumors earlier. His request was granted, and he was shipped to the defending champion Mavericks. But then he checked out as though lobotomized upon landing in Texas. No emotion. No effort. But a lot of complaints.

Odom’s lifestyle wasn’t ideal, so he essentially stole millions of of the Mavs’ money and pouted for a season. Now he’s on a title contender where people will soon forget about his antics.

Don’t be one of them.


The Day-After-The-NBA-Draft grades have been posted all over the internet, and depending on who you read/believe, the Blazers did OK.

Yahoo Sports gave the Blazers a ‘B’. So did the Sporting News. And Fox Sports had a B+ on its report card.

However, it was Sam Amick at who was really head-over-heels with the Blazers picks, giving Portland an A+.

Among Amick’s review was: “The rich got richer at No. 40, where Will Barton was a steal.”

We’ll see.


Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield reunited 15 years after the infamous ear-biting fight, and used the reunion as an opportunity to promote … barbecue sauce.

Holyfield wrote on Twitter that his Real Deal Barbecue sauce “will make you want to take a bite out of someone’s ear!”

Tyson later tweeted that Holyfield’s ear would have tasted much better with his Real Deal barbecue sauce.

It’s clear that once a chance to promote this product came up, these two were chomping at the b…

Never mind.

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