Letter: Be thankful health risk is minimized



I got a kick out of Robert Finck’s Feb. 25 letter, “What’s left to enjoy outdoors?” He thinks we non-smokers should just walk around the smokers. I’ve tried that; every two feet there is a smoker puffing away on a cigarette. We can’t avoid smokers. Even when they leave, the cigarette smell lasts for a long time. The cigarette odor is on their clothing, hands and breath.

There are smokers who use the shelter bus stops to smoke even if they are not bus riders. There are signs that you must smoke 25 feet away from the bus shelters.

I am glad that the Vancouver City Council has said no smoking in public parks. The farmers market area in Esther Short Park will become non-smoking also. Shoppers can enjoy the lovely smells of the food cooking and the plants and not have to put up with the tobacco smells.

Finck should be thankful that his options for smoking are decreasing. It might just save him from a long and painful death due to related illnesses he may suffer down the road.

We nonsmokers had to live in silence when smoking was allowed in hospitals, offices, theaters, restaurants, trains, buses and planes. You name it, smokers once were there.

Debbie S. Simonds