Letter: Media persuasion sways vote



In response to Editor Lou Brancaccio’s Feb. 25 column, “Who’s the next president?” sadly, I believe Brancaccio got it right, but for all the wrong reasons. First, Barack Obama has not earned a second term. However, he will probably win because with a liberal president in office, those feeding at the federal trough Obama has wildly expanded will be assured of another four years. Couple that with those blindly voting Democrat, regardless of the candidate, and … well you can see where that’s going.

As to the Republicans stumbling around, the media, in interviews and those moderating the debates, should address critical issues of the economy, jobs and foreign policy, instead of insipid questions on religion and birth control, which is really no one’s business. But the media won’t do that because they know the answers would be detrimental to President Obama. Too bad. If people would listen to the candidates themselves and not to sound bites made to make them look bad, their perspective might change.

Richard Brumfield