Letter: Coal exports will harm community



Here we go again. Millennium Bulk Logistics in Longview is back with a permit application, and no surprise, this time asking for eight times the coal (from 5.7 million to 44 million tons a year) to be railed through Southwest Washington communities. That means eight mile-long trains a day snarling traffic at rail crossings, not to mention noise, coal dust and diesel pollution darkening our skies and impacting our health.

We get negative quality of life impacts, while who gets the profits? Millennium’s majority owner, Australia-based Ambre Energy, and St. Louis-based Arch Coal. The equation is weighted against the health and well-being of Washington citizens, who will suffer adverse public health, safety, environmental, and economic consequences of what will be (if approved) the largest coal export facility in North America.

Millennium misled public officials and local residents once about the scope of their intentions for this facility. Expect them to sugarcoat the project with assurances, downplaying negative impacts and playing up proposed “benefits.” Don’t be fooled. Coal export facilities are bad news for the Columbia River, for our regional rail infrastructure, and for the livability of our local communities.

To get involved in opposing this proposed project, visit http://www.coalfreewashington.org.

Cathryn Chudy