Letter: Look past party smoke screens



I keep thinking that what we really need is for all citizens poor, middle class, moderately wealthy to quit squabbling over issues that cannot be legislated such as abortion, contraception and sexual preferences and allow people to be what they are or to make decisions freely based on their own views of conscience or religion.

Talk about government intrusion into the lives of people. These issues cannot be legislated and laws regarding these matters cannot be enforced. The real issues have to do with a government that is totally money driven … from campaigning to legislating. And that’s the evil being posed by the extremely wealthy the ability to control our lawmakers, thus guaranteeing them further wealth.

This is the ultimate issue. It’s total corruption. And it’s happening on both sides of the political aisle.

The political right, however, is virtually unabashed in its support for all things Wall Street. And they have too many “average” citizens duped into support because the political right carries the banner that claims to condemn abortion, a gay lifestyle, and even contraception. It’s a smoke screen designed to garner votes. We’ve got to see through this.

Howard Meharg