Letter: Dedicated teachers go unnoticed



Regarding the Feb. 21 editorial, “Evaluate teachers: Kudos to state senators for approving stronger plan for assessing educators,” I am disgusted with The Columbian’s support of the senators who would approve a stronger plan for teacher evaluation. Most teachers are very dedicated. They not only work the hours that school is open, but many additional hours, doing required paperwork, assessments, attending meetings, going to training, getting their master’s degree, calling parents, making lesson plans, and dealing with ESL students, autistic students, kids with learning disabilities of every kind. They spend a great deal of money in the first place to get their required education. Their pay continues to be cut. They don’t get raises that they need, just as everyone else does.

We will continue to discourage good teachers from teaching. There are very few teachers who are not performing well. If teachers are so important to us, and they are, let’s pay them what they deserve and give them the respect they deserve.

Claudia M. Frahm