Letter: Help Girl Scouts; buy cookies



I defend Jerri Clark’s right to make any decision when purchasing Girl Scout cookies (Feb. 29 letter, “Change cookie recipes.”) However, I suggest she explain her decision to “only buy the cookies again when the recipes get healthier” to a person who might have the power to make that happen, not the little girl standing in the cold who’s just trying to raise money to go to summer camp.

As a leader and parent of a Girl Scout, I think readers should know that cookie sales benefit the girls in many ways. Leaders use sales as a way to teach math skills (How much do three boxes cost? How much change does the customer get?). We teach goal-setting (How many boxes will you have to sell to get the money you need for camp?). We teach courtesy (If a customer says “no,” thank them and wish them a good day).

We teach altruism. Donations received at sales are often used to purchase boxes of cookies to give to Share and Meals on Wheels or are sent to troops overseas.

So next time a Girl Scout asks you to buy cookies, do “consider what you are supporting” and buy a box of cookies and enjoy.

Theresa Kelsay