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Our commenters were divided upon hearing that Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt is looking at options other than a sales tax to pay the annual price tag of operating and maintaining a light rail line in Clark County. Leavitt stepped in to explain his position, as well.

Randy Mueller:

"The City of Vancouver has other funding tools available to them, ranging from councilmatic car tab increases to using the general fund to a special property tax. What's the most fair? In my opinion, probably a property tax on land within 3 blocks of a LRT or BRT line. I encourage all of our elected officials to look for better ways to fund LRT O&M. "

Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt:

"Interesting dialogue...and entertaining comments. Actually, the headline of this more accurately portray my perspective, should have been, "Leavitt not sold on need to raise taxes for Light Rail O&M". Reading the story, one will ascertain that."

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1) Prosecutors will not charge La Center man in shooting of intruder

Prosecutors said Wednesday they will not charge a La Center homeowner who fatally shot an inebriated intruder on his property the very early morning of Jan. 24.

2) Official: Planned I-5 bridge too low

Plans for the Columbia River Crossing do not include a bridge high enough to meet the “reasonable needs” of the myriad ships that ply the busy waterway, the U.S. Coast Guard has told project officials.

One commenter came up with some tongue-in-cheek solutions to the problem.

Two of David Arnett's suggestions: "Build a special crane to lift the really tall ships up and over the bridge and "Build the bridge parallel to the river."

Another poster, Michael Piper, sounded off:

"Someone needs to hold the CRC leadership accountable. $140 millioin in planning so far and they get the basics wrong? I am a total supporter of the bridge, light rail and even tollling, but the CRC has proably become its own worst enemy."

3) Ron Paul due at fairgrounds Friday afternoon

Presidential hopeful Ron Paul visited the Clark County Event Center at the Fairgrounds on Friday, making this his second stop in Clark County in just over two weeks.

4) Leavitt not sold on light rail vote

Despite voting in favor of a resolution that promised a vote on light rail in 2012, Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt said Wednesday he’s not sold on holding a vote this year or perhaps ever.

Leavitt said that in working with a citizen’s advisory group, there are plenty of ways other than a sales tax hike to pay the $2.57 million annual price tag of operating and maintaining the light rail line to Clark College that’s expected with the construction of the Columbia River Crossing.

5) I-5 Bridge toll bill clears state Legislature

Tolling on the Interstate 5 Bridge moved a step closer to reality Wednesday night after the state House of Representatives voiced its approval by a nearly two-thirds margin. The bill now goes to the governor.