Letter: Knowledge is power to save lives



As co-coordinator of WomenHeart Vancouver, I thank The Columbian for its Feb. 13 story, “Local advocates support women with heart disease,” on WomenHeart, the nation’s only nonprofit organization that’s dedicated to work within our communities to educate, support and advocate for women with or at risk of heart disease.

One woman, a heart disease survivor, saw the story and came to our February meeting, (meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month), where she determined that, should she have symptoms again, she would immediately go to a hospital ER.

It happened.

Two days later, she was in lifesaving heart surgery and is recovering. We know this, as a family member called, while she was still in the intensive care unit, to tell us how we and the women at the meeting supported her and made her feel she was informed and empowered to seek immediate help.

Women, please learn about women’s heart disease.

For more information: http://www.womenheart.org.

Leslea Steffel-Dennis