Talking Points: Wait-and-see on Biffle




ESPN’s panel of NASCAR experts weighed in on Greg Biffle’s strong start to the season and if this could be the year he competes for the Cup title, which would be Biffle’s first.

All five experts pretty much are taking a wait-and-see approach. Ryan McGee even said he has jumped on the Biff bandwagon before, only to see it falter.

Terry Blount had an interesting observation regarding age. Blount reported only four drivers past the age of 40 Biffle is 42 have won their first Cup titles. And the last to do that was 28 years ago. Time is not on Biffle’s side.

Racing fans in Southwest Washington will always be on his side, though. It’s been fun to see him near the checkered flag the past two weeks.


If the stories coming out about the New Orleans Saints and “bounties” are true, we expect the NFL to come down hard on the Saints.

Harder, in fact, than the league hit the Patriots with Spygate.

The Patriots were caught cheating. That’s terrible, of course, for any sports league. But trying to find an edge has been going on for years in all sports. Again, it’s bad, but the Patriots did not put their opponents in any physical danger.

If the league reminded the Saints about consequences regarding a bounty system a couple of years ago and the Saints ingorned that warning, then the league has to fine the team, fine the players involved, and suspend the coaches.

Even the head coach. If Sean Payton knew about the bounties and did nothing, he should be held accountable.

Look, a player fund for making great plays interceptions, touchdowns is acceptable. Infliciting pain is part of the game, too. But the league cannot allow its players, or coaches, get away with trying to injure opponents.