AniMeals still delivering via Firstenburg Loaves & Fishes



Fircrest — The mouse problem that arose last month in the Firstenburg Community Center’s Loaves & Fishes room has been solved. According to Margy Flores, local organizer of the AniMeals, the pet food is simply being stored off-site. The AniMeals program provides pet food for people already getting Loaves & Fishes’ Meals on Wheels deliveries. The pet food is brought to Loaves & Fishes on Friday mornings, all packed and ready to go, just in time for Meals on Wheels deliveries; if any is left over, Flores takes it back to an AniMeals storage locker. Nobody missed a pet-food delivery while the changes in proceedure were being worked out, Flores said. “We are very aware that pets are companions and a comfort to many of the lonely and isolated seniors we serve,” said Loaves & Fishes spokeswoman Julie Piper Finley.