Letter: Bullying leads to worse problems



There have been many suicides of students and teenagers in the past, and more to happen in the future. Many of these are the result of being bullied. Statistics show that children who are bullied are two to nine times more likely to commit suicide than an average person. According to ABC news, 160,000 students stay home from school every day to avoid being bullied.

I find these statistics very shocking. I am in the eighth grade, and I’m bullied a lot. This is a big problem at my school. As a victim, I am always cautious of the people around me. I have never been hurt badly, but it might happen some day. If you have never been bullied, I will tell you that it is not fun.

I think people should just stop bullying. They aren’t going anywhere in their life by doing it. In fact, they might get arrested once they get older.

I am sure that almost everyone will agree with me, so just stop.

Philip Rutan