Letter: Light rail will be magnet for crime



Just believe Vancouver is safe from the blight that inflicts most cities our size and larger, then wait and see what will come our way once light rail rolls into downtown.

First, consider where light rail originates … from a city four times the size of Vancouver, with multiple shootings, stabbings, muggings, robberies and out-of-control drug trafficking each and every day.

Do the words “light rail” and “crime magnet” excite the gray matter?

Just believe Clark County will benefit from thousands of commuters driving our main thoroughfares and Vancouver’s downtown streets to “catch the rail” into Portland. Do the words “traffic congestion” and “concrete parking garages” light up both hemispheres?

Just believe Southwest Washington will somehow extraordinarily fund what’s needed to operate and maintain light rail. Do the words “from your pocket” fire off motor neurons? While C-Tran is fiscally irresponsible and repeatedly returns to the taxpayers’ pockets, don’t expect support from public transit.

While the city trims public safety and lets its parks “grow by the wayside,” don’t anticipate assistance from the brick citadel on Sixth Street.

Just accept that we can neither afford light rail nor the blight it will bring to our community.

Bruce R. Randall