Letter: Woodland has chance to improve



Each day we get up, get dressed, kiss our husband or wife, kids, dog, cat or teddy bear and go on about our daily lives. In each one of those days, there will be a million little things that we will see, hear about, gripe about, and there will be very little that we have a say in.

Well, here’s something to have your say about. The Woodland High School bond special election is coming up April 17, and chances are, whether or not it passes will have a big impact on Woodland residents.

What to know:

  1. The bond issue will build a new Woodland High School, allowing middle and primary schools to expand into the old space.

  2. The current high school was built in the 1950s for 250 students. Now more than 600 students attend, with 10 portable classrooms.

  3. All-time low interest rates and low building costs make this a deal of a lifetime; with more features to the new school, at half the cost of previous year’s proposals.

  4. The equivalent cost of a movie and a soda is all it will cost an average homeowner: $11 a month per $200,000 household value.

Register to vote. Visit Citizens for a New Woodland High School at http://www.newwhs.com.

Heather Mansy