Talking Points: Seahawks draft options




It has been more than a month since the Super Bowl and that’s enough time to let talk of the NFL rest. So what’s next? The April 26 draft.

Talking Points looked at a plethora of mock drafts, all of which agreed Andrew Luck goes No. 1 to Indianapolis. Then most split over whether the Redskins or Browns trade the farm for St. Louis’ No. 2 pick and the chance to take Robert Griffin III of Baylor.

Who will the Seahawks get at No. 12? Not a single name came up twice when projecting the Seahawks’ selections. Among the potential picks mentioned were: Luke Kuechly, inside linebacker, Boston College; Andre Branch, defensive end, Clemson; David DeCastron, guard, Stanford; Ryan Tannehill, quarterback, Texas A&M; Lamar Miller, running back, Miami; Zach Brown, outside linebacker, North Carolina; and Trent Richardson, running back, Alabama.

Kuechly is considered the top inside LB in the draft. Branch looked great at the NFL combine and helps with Seattle’s weak pass rush. Tannehill is not considered a “plug-and-play’’ QB, but has the tools and mentality to be good in the NFL in time. Miller showed blazing speed at the combine.

Of note, Talking Points did this same exercise three weeks ago and none of the names above came up.


The Trail Blazers are sliding in the various NBA power rankings. After being slotted in about No. 14 or 15, now Portland finds itself at No. 19 or 20 in most rankings.

The blogosphere has Portland shopping Raymond Felton and Jamal Crawford, and has coach Nate McMillan cleaning up his résumé. Others contend that without a full-time general manager to take the heat, owner Paul Allen won’t fire McMillan, an unpopular decision.