Wash. court: No local votes on red light cameras



OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — The Washington Supreme Court says city laws allowing for red-light traffic cameras are not subject to repeal by local initiatives.

The 5-justice majority ruled Thursday that a 2010 ballot measure in Mukilteo was not valid because the Legislature has given the power of enacting such laws to local governing bodies, not to voters.

Mukilteo’s ballot measure was pushed by initiative activist Tim Eyman and would have forbidden the city from allowing red-light cameras unless approved by two-thirds of the city’s voters. Even though the high court said it was worded as a binding initiative, the city council treated the results as advisory and then did away with the cameras.

Eyman has since expanded his anti-red-light-camera campaign to other cities.

The four justices in the minority said the vote in Mukilteo was advisory, so there was no reason to rule on whether red-light-camera ordinances are subject to local initiatives.