CRC to begin testing foundation by I-5 span



Vancouver — Crews will begin foundation tests this month near the Interstate 5 Bridge, preparing for the eventual construction of its replacement, the Columbia River Crossing.

Workers will drill three shafts and drive five piles at on-land locations just west of the I-5 Bridge. Work will take place close to the I-5/state Highway 14 interchange in Vancouver, and on Hayden Island in Portland. Cranes as tall as 200 feet will set up in work areas just off the freeway. Shafts will measure as much as 260 feet deep.

The work gives CRC engineers a chance to test construction techniques, plus the strength and stability of the soil near the Columbia River, according to the project office. Testing is expected to continue into the summer.

People may hear intermittent noise during the work, according to the CRC, for up to a few hours per day. Crews will also monitor ground vibration caused by pile driving on Hayden Island. No pile driving will be done in Vancouver, according to the CRC.

Leading the work is Max J. Kuney Construction of Spokane, which was awarded a $4.22 million contract in December.