UPDATE: Sheriff’s office recommends no criminal charges in hazing incidents




The Clark County Sheriff’s Office recommends that no criminal charges be filed against members of the Heritage High School varsity baseball team involved in a Friday hazing incident.

Several varsity players around 9 p.m. Friday took members who are new to the team to the playground at York Elementary School on Northeast 152nd Avenue, said Carol Fenstermacher, a district spokeswoman. The sheriff’s office said in a statement that three students “could be considered victims.”

The older players tied the new members to the playground equipment using duct tape, Fenstermacher said.

It appears that some of the students threw baby powder on the tied-up team members.

Eight people were identified as being involved in the incident, which would mean that five players hazed the three victims. One boy went home after the hazing and told his parents about it. They called the police.

Sheriff deputies went to a home in Orchards late Friday night to investigate the reported assault, said Sgt. Duncan Hoss.

Hoss said there were no major injuries or medical help needed. No one was arrested.

Heritage’s associate principal on Saturday met with the players involved, Fenstermacher said. The team’s Saturday game against Prairie High School was canceled because of rain. The associate principal shared the information he gathered with Heritage’s School Resource Officer first thing Monday.

Each student will now meet individually with the officer, Fenstermacher said. Because they are meeting with law enforcement, the students’ parents will be invited.

Scheduling those meetings is a little complicated right now, because Heritage students take their state-mandated tests starting tomorrow.

The school will decide what disciplinary measures to take, Fenstermacher said. The sheriff’s office said it will let the school district handle all discipline related to the incident.

This will likely take at least 1-2 days, she said.

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