Letter: Locally, loss of CUP will have impact



I have been an employee of Columbia United Providers for nine years. CUP employees have been on a wage freeze in order to be in line with asking our providers to take less reimbursement on their part. I would do it for the next few years if needed to keep CUP in my community. In the past, I have been blessed to have not needed a state or federal program, but can easily say that I will if CUP loses its contract as a Medicaid provider with Washington state.

My health care is paid for out of my wages along with CUP’s paid portion. I would lose that for me and my family should I lose my job. I would also most likely lose my home as a result. This, of course, does not take into account all of the Medicaid people I would join in having no medical access/coverage, causing a burden to the other facilities currently taking care of our members.

I implore all who are taxpayers, concerned citizens, and parents to write your legislator, governor, and anyone else who will listen. I can’t imagine Clark County without CUP in the care of its community.

Tracy Roberts