Letter: Build the bridge higher




While reading the March 2 Columbian story, “Official: bridge too low,” I was shocked at the blatant dismissal of knowledgeable people/companies on the height requirements for a new Columbia River Crossing bridge.

One of these people is the Coast Guard’s top bridge permitting official who said a 95-foot high bridge does not allow for current, much less future, commerce needs.

Apparently this is news to the CRC’s director, even though back in 2006, John Rudi, owner of Thompson Metal Fab, and other river users stated that more clearance was needed.

With everything getting bigger and better, don’t we need to look beyond current waterway needs? Even if it is an infrequent need to have more clearance, wouldn’t it be great to have that flexibility?

We need Thompson Metal Fab and other companies like them to be successful and continue to employ their current employees and have the opportunity to hire more in the future.

The ability to bid and hopefully win big projects assures financial and personal success for our area. Please, listen to those who know.

Mary Tierney

Brush Prairie