Letter: It takes a good neighbor



The Feb. 29 story, “Getting to know Arnada,” and March 1 editorial, “Arnada: proud & feisty,” complimented Arnada on efforts to provide a positive impact to the city and its residents.

But what many fail to also mention is the contributions of the homeowners themselves, many of whom invest a great deal to improve their properties and thus the livability of the neighborhood.

Most notable to downtown, and Arnada in particular, are Bruce and Judith Wood.

The Woods have restored more than 10 homes in Vancouver including two at the H Street entrance to Arnada Park. One of these homes is the historic Kiggins House that they rescued from the site of the new library.

They also invested their own time and money in beautifying the park entrance in front of these homes. They turned an unsightly park entrance and the two adjoining lots into a beautiful neighborhood feature.

As a result of their vision and investment in the neighborhood, the Woods have increased home values in Arnada and property tax revenues to the city while providing a much more attractive park entrance.

Furthermore, this was accomplished at no taxpayer expense and with no assistance from the city of Vancouver.

That is the type of community vision and contribution that we should all applaud.

Andrew Geisler