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Our posters were divided in their reaction to the flier that Jaime Herrera Beutler recently sent out, seeking input on the CRC:

Michele Ruzicka-Bloomquist:

"There is the obvious point of the leading questions here. Past that, sure of course there needs to be a open and public process - and there is - but it doesn't happen via postcard vote. And who is to say the "results" would be at all legitimate? One person could send in 1,000 cards! Just sayin' Public meetings -- attend them and be heard if you have ideas about the bridge."

Bob Williams:

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but she's right - it should be taken before the people for a vote, not some committee of experts. I'm not going to criticize the Congresswoman for this flyer (although I haven't received it yet!)."

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01. Bail set at $1 million in fatal noise dispute

A 31-year-old Vancouver man made his first appearance in Clark County Superior Court on Monday following his arrest in the fatal shooting a man who had been listening to loud music inside of his car.

02. Vancouver mulls mellowing fireworks

The Vancouver City Council indicated it may be in favor of putting further bans on fireworks. At the top of the priority list appears prohibiting the sale and use of aerial and explosive fireworks, including mortars and Roman candles. Instead, permitted fireworks would be similar to the much tamer variety allowed in Oregon.

Some residents were in favor of further restrictions, including Carrie Reimer:

"I've spent the 4th of July in a lot of different places, but nothing compares to the insanity I experienced when I recently moved to Vancouver. I live in a family neighborhood, but I could have sworn I was in the middle of a war zone"

Others, including Sarah Ayers, saw the possible restrictions as infringing on Vancouver's identity:

"Don't take away the one bragging right that we the people of Vancouver have over Portland and other towns in Washington state. I know for a fact that people come from all over Washington & Oregon to enjoy our celebration every year."

03. Herrera Beutler flier asks residents to weigh-in on light rail

Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler, who has frequently called for a local vote on light rail, has spent $31,500 of taxpayer money to ask Clark County taxpayers what they think about it.

In a flier mailed to residents all over the county this week, Herrera Beutler outlines her take on the controversial $3.5 billion Columbia River Crossing, including her belief that the Interstate 5 bridge must be replaced.

04. CRC officials critical of Coast Guard

Columbia River Crossing officials fired back at the Coast Guard late Monday, saying the agency failed for five years to mention any concerns about the planned 95-foot clearance under the new Interstate 5 bridge being too low.

05. Local Girl Scouts cancel ads on Rush Limbaugh, others

Local Girl Scouts won’t be airing pitches for their Thin Mints and Samoa cookies on “The Rush Limbaugh Show” anymore.

A spokeswoman said the Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington have canceled their cookie commercials on two Portland-based stations that carry Limbaugh and several other talk-radio personalities.