Defense lawyer: NYC temple plot case reflects bias



NEW YORK (AP) — A lawyer for an Algerian native accused of planning to blow up synagogues says her client was targeted as part of an alleged anti-Muslim campaign by New York City.

Lawyer Elizabeth Fink said Tuesday that the city “needs a refresher court in the Bill of Rights.”

She’s representing Ahmed Ferhani, who was arrested in May 2011 on state terrorism charges.

Authorities say Ferhani bought guns, ammunition and an inert hand grenade in a sting.

Prosecutor Margaret Gandy said Ferhani purchased the weapons as part of a plan to commit a violent act against a synagogue. She said that during the months he was under surveillance, Ferhani stated his dislike of Jews more than once.

Defense lawyers also say Ferhani was targeted by undercover officers because he was mentally unstable.