Letter: Vote on light rail; disband CRC



The March 2 story, “Official: bridge too low,” on the Columbia River Crossing project indicated that the CRC folks were “surprised” at the height deficit of their current design. This is disgusting.

During the early stages of this project, I remember it being discussed that light rail could not travel up the grade required for the bridge height (130 feet vs. 95 feet) unless the light rail were to extend farther north of the city. This would require a major cost attributable directly to the light rail.

Eliminating light rail from the bridge would considerably bring down the cost of the bridge and, according to some opinions, would obviate the need for a new bridge entirely.

I recommend two actions. First, bring the light rail to the vote of the people again, and second, disband the current CRC and form a new organization with competent people that would take the needs of our community into consideration.

We don’t need more debt at this time, nor more taxes or tolls that would negatively impact our fragile economy.

Mel Lucke