Letter: Get tougher on fireworks



The March 6 Columbian story “Vancouver mulls mellowing fireworks” is interesting. The fireworks lobby must be very effective in Olympia. There’s a law that sets the maximum that a city can charge for a fireworks stand, and it is set at $100 per stand. Each year in Vancouver, sales have to be at least over $500,000 gross from the stands and likely even more than that, and yet the city gets a paltry $2,200 from licensing the stands. Just to handle the paperwork to permit the stands the city spends over $8,100.

Local nonprofit groups do earn some monies from the sales but the bulk of the net profits are taken right out of Vancouver and into the pockets of massive nationwide firms.

I suggest that the city adopt limits on the types of fireworks that can be purchased that are similar to those in Oregon.

There is a reason that Vancouver remains the largest city in Washington that continues to allow the aerial type of fireworks. Most large cities have an outright ban on fireworks sales.

Greg Flakus