Letter: Heed Sowell’s warning of danger



Thomas Sowell’s March 6 column, “Election will determine fate of American way of life,” is so true that I think he must be clairvoyant. Sowell comments, “President Obama is such a genial man that many people … cannot see him as a danger … and that only a handful see the grave danger his warped policies and ruthless tactics pose to a whole way of life that has given generation after generation of Americans unprecedented freedom and prosperity.” The 2012 election is the most critical presidential election we’ve had in the history of our county. Obama is, as Sowell says, a genial corrupter who is all the more dangerous because of his geniality. The people of the U.S. are so complacent that most have not surmised that our freedoms and prosperity are in peril.

I realize that the GOP, with their bickering and arguments, are guilty of adding to the dangers of this election. However, we cannot afford to lose sight that Obama’s policies are such a threat to the heart of this nation and that if we succumb to our complacency, we will lose our nation and freedoms and prosperity as certainly as if we had thrown them away.

Alice A. Cox