Letter: Stop the grandstanding



A March 9 Columbian story reported “Herrera Beutler flier seeks light-rail views.” Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas, is spending our tax money in the amount of $31,500 late in the game, bringing attention to herself and her re-election purposes.

Why so late in the game for the issue of light rail and raising a question now of what kind of bridge? Why is she doing this now? It presents an issue for her to gain more public attention using our tax dollars.

We need the new bridge and we need interstate transit that’s better than the bus can solely provide.

We need the new bridge and MAX.

Regarding the charge that light rail would bring crime to Vancouver, look at the recent demographics of where crime occurs. One finds that it is already here, mostly in downtown Vancouver. Criminals are here already and they can cross on their own, but MAX has cameras to record any potential criminals riding the MAX to Washington.

Herrera Beutler is stirring up a disruption to the long, ongoing process for the new bridge and light-rail transit. I believe her reasons are self-interest for re-election.

Stop spending tax money to benefit a neophyte Congresswoman’s need to draw attention to herself for purposes of reflection.

Dean Osterman