Weather Eye: Crazy weather isn’t going to end anytime soon



It seems like in winter we had more springlike weather, and now that we are in the meteorological spring, it feels like winter — high winds and heavy rains on Monday and snow on Tuesday, then back to rainy and blustery weather on Wednesday. When will it end?

Not for a while, anyway, as more rain and wind are back Thursday and Friday. We could get some low elevation snowfall again in our surrounding foothills by next week. The heavy snow that fell along the Oregon Coast on Monday set many records. Imagine Tillamook with 8 inches and Newport with 6 inches. Crazy weather.

Rainfall totals for Vancouver as of 4 p.m. Wednesday were over 2.30 inches, well above average. We may very well have our monthly average way before the end of the month at this rate. It is running much cooler than average, as you can guess. I mean, highs in the 40s?

And with spring break just around the corner for many, it may be on the damp and chilly side of things. We can only hope things turn around.

Ever since I left Hawaii a couple of weeks ago they had a very rare tornado, large hail, and, in some locations, over 45 inches of rain just in the past seven days. Don’t know what to think of that.

It appears we are having a repeat of last year, with plenty of now piling up in the higher Cascades. As a side note, Monday evening while the Oregon Coast was a having a snowstorm, it was raining at Government Camp. Wacky weather, with more on the way, I bet.

I was looking on the Portland Office of The National Weather Service website Wednesday afternoon, and on their extended forecast chart between now and next Wednesday, they do not have a high temperature of 50 degrees or higher.

March of last year was a very wet month with 6.78 inches of rain, more like a December total. And on this day last year, it was blustery and wet, with 0.60 of an inch of rain.

Hang in there, keep warm and dry, and we will all make it to that first sunny 70-degree day.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at