OSPI: not aware of “pink slime” on WA school menu



SEATTLE (AP) — A Washington state schools spokesman says his office “is not aware” of any schools in the state including a meat product known as “pink slime” on their menus.

The common beef filler is in the news after the USDA decided to allow school districts to opt out of using meat that includes “lean finely textured” beef.

Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction spokesman Nate Olson said Thursday that one of the state’s major processors, Kings Command, has written a letter saying it does not use the item. However, Olson notes that districts can purchase beef through a number of sources and aren’t required to report to OSPI where the beef came from.

So Olson says his office can’t say with certainty that there is no “pink slime” in Washington state schools.

The state’s largest school district, Seattle Public Schools, says it has never used the product. Spokeswoman Leslie Rogers says the district got a few calls after a local food blogger claimed “pink slime” was served at Seattle schools, but that misconception has been corrected.