‘Seamheads’ gather to analyze baseball analytics



MESA, Ariz. (AP) — No sport loves statistics more than baseball.

From ERAs, to OBPs and RBIs, numbers have flooded the game for ages. Now, the analysis has reached another, mind-boggling level, as evidenced by the 300 or so “seamheads” gathered for the inaugural SABR Analytics Conference.

As anyone who has seen the movie “Moneyball” knows, number-crunching is no mere fan obsession, not anymore. Statistical analysis is used by every major league club to make personnel decisions, and the amount of information they are gathering is ever-expanding.

For instance, there’s the use of Doppler radar to record and measure events on the field. Tracking the speed and trajectory of the ball as it leaves the bat is considered a big innovation.

And, talk about Big Brother, cameras will track every player on every play.