Blazers moving forward after changes



CHICAGO (AP) — The Portland Trail Blazers are moving on a day after making major changes.

The Trail Blazers fired coach Nate McMillan, waived former No. 1 selection Greg Oden and traded Marcus Camby and Gerald Wallace on Thursday.

Interim head coach Kaleb Canales, who is the youngest coach in the NBA at age 34, is still going through his same routine.

Before Friday’s game against Chicago, facing the team with the NBA’s best record, Canales was on the court giving his players bounce and chest passes during shooting drills.

“He’s not going to change who he is,” starting guard Wesley Matthews said. “He’s going to stay true to his roots. That’s what got him to where he’s at. I have a lot of respect for that.”

“I was just going through our normal pregame routine with Wesley and LaMarcus (Aldridge),” Canales said. “It was a good warm-up session.”