Police find signs of violence in CA war vet’s car



GILROY, Calif. (AP) — Police searching for the missing mother of an Iraq War veteran suspected in a murder-suicide say they found signs of a violent altercation inside his car.

Gilroy Police Sgt. Chad Gallacinao said Friday that officers found 27-year-old Abel Gutierrez’ green Ford Mustang, with evidence that a shooting took place inside it. They also found his mother’s cellphone inside.

Police say Gutierrez fatally shot his 11-year-old sister, Lucero, before turning the gun on himself Thursday. Family members told authorities they suspected he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Investigators have been searching ever since for his mother, 52-year-old Martha Gutierrez, but there was no sign of the woman.

Gutierrez served in Iraq in 2009 to 2010 with Washington’s Army National Guard. He was in the process of transferring to California’s National Guard.