Most commented stories on last week

By Matt Wastradowski, Columbian staff writer



Note to readers: Columbian staff have been posting the most read stories on each week since July. We've noticed, however, that the stories that received the most traffic don't necessarily reflect the most important issues to our community of readers.

So we're trying something a little different, posting the stories that received the most comments. These stories got readers fired up for one reason or another and provide a better glimpse of the issues the community is most passionate about and interested in discussing.

What do you think about this new approach? What comments and discussions would you like to see highlighted? Tell us in the comments! We'd love to hear from you.

01. Laird: Remember Congress before all the partisan paralysis?

Editorial Page Editor John Laird wrote about the plummeting approval ratings for Congress and looked at how the filibuster is partly to blame.

In the comments, Phil Scott weighed in with one idea on how to improve public perception:

"The problem is that politicians have to start dialing for dollars as soon as they take office. The air we breathe is free but it costs a ton of money to use that air to be reelected. I suggest that as a condition for use of the airwaves, broadcasters and cable companies be required to dedicate a portion of their time to allow qualified candidates to send out their message. In return, those candidates would not be allowed to accept donations."

02. Highway 520 bridge provides little insight to CRC officials

When tolling begins on the Interstate 5 Bridge, at least some drivers will head for Interstate 205 — opting to tack a few more miles onto their commute rather than pay the extra charge to get to work. That’s a given.

What’s not clear is just how many commuters will make the switch. But local transportation officials may only have to look north for a hint.

Mike Briggs took to the comment section to predict how traffic might be impacted in the wake of tolls:

I do think the traffic on I-205 will pick up a lot in the beginning, much like the I-90 scenario up north, but it will balance out in time. Those willing to drive the extra 10 miles or so and the resulting time will do it- but I predict most, in time, will not.

03. Arnold out as Clark College men’s basketball coach

Fresh off a 25-4 season, Clark College men’s basketball coach Mike Arnold was notified last week that he would not be retained. Athletic director Charles Guthrie wrote in a letter that the decision was reached after an evaluation of his performance the past season.

In the comments, Dave Bragg expressed appreciation for Arnold's attention to his players' academic achievements: "Coach Arnold has always insisted that his ballplayers are students first and foremost. He has not delegated that responsibility to an assistant nor to a tutor."