Talking Points: Whole new spin on Tebowmania





Tim Tebow is not a winner in the Peyton Manning saga, but Tebowmania is.

Wherever Tim ends up next year, the storyline just got another tank of fuel.

Will he step in for an injured Manning and will the Broncos to a victory when he gets a chance? Will he again have to fight for a starting job if he ends up somewhere else?

The fun with Tebow is not necessarily about watching him compete. The fun with Tebow is speculating what is going to happen next.

We’ve seen college stars eventually fade to obscurity: Matt Leinart and Vince Young each serving as examples. But neither of those quarterbacks had the transcendent appeal that Tebow does. No matter what his situation, no matter how few a snaps he takes per game, Tim’s whereabouts and happenings are going to be scrutinized.

Prepare for another year of that.


The Trail Blazers brass may be talking as if it wants the team to make the playoffs, but words and actions are completely different things.

Portland’s acting general manager said Monday that a first-round playoff loss would be preferred to missing the postseason despite the fact that such a finish would hurt their standing in the draft.

But if the Blazers really wanted to make the playoffs, they didn’t have to give up Marcus Camby, who elicited very little in return when traded to Houston.

Yes, Camby’s locker-room presence was rumored to be growing cancerous, but he is still an effective player who could have helped the team despite his demeanor.

And the fact that his contract expires at the end of the season means that Portland could have still gotten him off the books and cleared cap space.

Talking Points is not condemning the decision.

In fact, it was probably smart of the Blazers to set themselves up for a decent draft pick.

But make no mistake -- a loss at this point is just as worth celebrating as a win.