Letter: Fireworks harmful to many groups



I wonder if our politicians who allow the fireworks sales and those who don’t want them banned because of the profit they make have any guilty feelings about the animals, babies and veterans who are affected.

Veterans are taken back to the war zones by the loud explosives; people have to stay awake to make sure their property is protected and then have to go to work without much sleep; seniors are traumatized by the noise and the flying debris over the neighborhood; and people suffer with lung problems.

During one fireworks display, I watched a big cloud of polluted air flow down the street about 10 feet high and wondered what animal or person was going to breathe that in and thought about the vehicles getting paint damage. I imagine if I asked who is responsible for the debris in my yard and on my roof, I’d be told that I was — even though I’ve never used fireworks.

Vancouver is too populated for these four days of terror to continue.

John D. Yount