Falling Portland tree hits woman, she survives



PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A Portland Fire and Rescue spokesman says a large tree fell across a downtown Portland street, pinning a woman walking nearby.

Spokesman Paul Corah says the woman was “pretty much cocooned between branches” and firefighters were about to walk her out of the maze Wednesday evening. Corah calls her “the luckiest woman alive.”

Stuart Vanriette tells KATU the woman is his 52-year-old sister Sabrina Vanriette, who suffered a broken collarbone. He says she was scared and “she knows how lucky she is.” She was hospitalized in Portland.

The tree fell near the Portland Art Museum. It also broke some stained glass windows at a nearby church.

A city tree expert estimates the elm tree was about 75 feet tall and between 80-100 years old. KATU reports the expert thinks root decay caused the tree to topple.



Information from: KATU-TV, http://www.katu.com/