Letter: Ambrose’s ranting is wrong



I am not sure I understand what Jay Ambrose’s intention was in his March 8 column, “Flap over Limbaugh comments obscures true issue.” To say “It is true that hyperbolic outrageousness is part of his [Rush Limbaugh] comedic style and that her [Sandra Fluke] position comes down to the privileged can less expensively indulge their sexual pleasures” shows not only Limbaugh’s ignorance in regards to women’s health and contraceptive issues but Ambrose’s as well. He states that he read her testimony before a House Democratic panel, failing to mention that this subject was first held before an all-male panel. I guess that dying from ovarian cancer because one’s insurance does not cover appropriate prevention is rather “murky.”

I found Ambrose’s whole column offensive and whether it is the right or left wing, such rantings in regards to women are wrong.

He then goes on to educate women on the fact that generic birth control pills could be bought at Target for $9 a month. Well, then perhaps Viagra should not be received by men through their insurance and they could find another option at Target as well. Strange times these, I agree. We seem to be going back to the attitudes of the 1950s and 1960s. No thank you, I’ve already been there.

Linda Weiberg