Letter: GOP proposes wrong fix



When talking to young people about Social Security, I find almost all will say they do not believe it will be there for them. I reply, “Do you want it to be there for you?” They answer with a resounding “yes.” I then encourage them to vote to make sure that this generation keeps its obligation to the next.

In the March 8 story, “It’s on: GOP, Dems fight over women,” Ann Romney makes the claim women are angry and furious over entitlement debt we are leaving our children. I would suggest a simple fix. Have all people do as I did all my work life, pay a percentage of every dollar earned into Social Security.

I take offense when a wealthy family that earns almost $22 million in 2011 alone pays nothing into Social Security above $106,000, yet wants it slashed or eliminated. With everyone paying their share, there is no Social Security debt.

Our choice, our vote.

Doug Long