Letter: U.S. aid to allies too generous



Reading the March 1 story, “Egypt lifts travel ban for detained U.S. workers,” regarding America threatening to cut aid to Egypt, I couldn’t get beyond the figure of $1.5 billion of U.S. aid given. I realize we have to “buy” our allies, but isn’t it time we started helping our own people — $1.5 billion would feed a lot of hungry Americans. We might even be able to balance the budget. I know that Egypt is not the only country we are giving this kind of aid to and yet, we are borrowing money from a communist country to pay our own bills. That really doesn’t make any sense.

The day after this story was published, a local TV station did a story regarding the amount of hungry children coming to school.

One school in Portland is having its own food bank for the parents of these children.

I want to write the president, our senators, or anyone I think may listen to me but I know no one will. Our country is going under and we still keep helping everyone else.

Barbara Fearn