Letter: ‘No’ to teacher health insurance bill



I am a national board certified teacher at a local elementary and I need help. I need help convincing our state legislators that Senate Bill 6442 (consolidating health insurance plans in public education) is not good for anyone, and is not what the people of Washington want. This program will cost nearly $45 million in the first few years, according to the state’s own fiscal analysis. SB 6442 only serves to increase state bureaucracy and waste taxpayer dollars. The state-run system that SB 6442 would create does not improve the quality of my health care plans. SB 6442 costs me more, puts more financial burden on local districts, limits my choices, and eliminates health benefits for part-time school employees like bus drivers, cafeteria workers and playground supervisors.

This choice comes down to simple math. Spending additional money when the Legislature is trying to figure out what to cut just makes no sense what so ever.

Please help me tell legislators you don’t want tax money spent on changing a system that works well already. Say “no” to SB 6442. Call the legislative hotline at 800-562-6000 or find your legislators and email them at http://www.leg.wa.gov.

Fauna Woolfe