Letter: Wulle is fair and balanced as judge



As a private attorney, I’ve always felt that Clark County has a superior group of superior court justices, including Superior Court Judge John Wulle. I’ve had numerous criminal cases before him and he has always been firm but fair to my clients. As a Superior Court judge, the steady stream of miscreants who appear before Wulle on a regular basis would tax the patience of even Job in the Bible — murderers, rapists, robbers, child molesters, wife beaters, ad nauseam. Once, in a blue moon, he will make an angry comment to a criminal defendant, usually in response to an inappropriate comment by the defendant to Judge Wulle. However, I would never hesitate to take a criminal or civil case before him, knowing that my client would receive a fair hearing, which is the essence of justice.

Alfred A. “Art” Bennett