Talking Points: NBA players found on the blogs



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Kudos to Memphis Grizzlies general manager Chris Wallace for his honesty, if maybe not for his thought process.

The Grizzlies recently signed Gilbert Arenas, who had been residing in the NBA’s “Where are they now” file. Wallace then talked about the signing on a radio show:

“I’m going to admit this, I’m going to come clean. I’ll be honest about it, OK? … I’m in the office of (President of Business Operations) Greg Campbell, he says, ‘You outta read this thing that’s on a blog today.’ And I don’t read the blogs, but this guy wrote this case for Gilbert Arenas, and I read the thing and said ‘Greg, you know something? This guy makes some sense.’ ”

Hmmm. Maybe the Blazers don’t need a full-time GM. They can just get somebody at a fraction of the price to monitor the blogs.


Speaking of general managers, has an interview with Blazers acting GM Chad Buchanan.

“I would be disappointed if within the next four years if we’re not a Western Conference finals caliber team,” Buchanan said. “I can’t tell you what year we’re going to get there, but I would be disappointed if in the next four years we’re not competing to get there.”

Sigh! Won’t we all?


Here’s the magic of the NCAA Tournament:

Somebody on wrote that he describes his alma mater as “Ohio University — not the sports one, the other one.”

With the Bobcats taking North Carolina to overtime Friday in the Sweet 16, we’re guessing more people are aware of his school these days.

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