Letter: Civil discourse applies to both sides



Civil discourse applies to both sides

In response to how can anyone excuse Rush Limbaugh’s comments, my response is the same way we conservatives excuse the left media, Hollywood and everything else marked with a liberal leftist agenda. Almost every day somewhere on talk radio or our television sets, conservative women and their children are being called every despicable name in the book. Yet, the left-wingers only want the right silenced and have no concern over what their own have just hatefully spewed out.

Bill Maher recently gave $1 million to a PAC that supports the Obama campaign and it was welcomed with open arms. Again, civil discourse is a one-way street. All these “Get Rush off the air” cheerleaders truly have their own set of rules. Their liberal left teammates can say and do as they please, but everyone not on their team must be silenced. Does this sound like America, the land of the free and home of the brave?

Wendy Langmade