Letter: Set stronger opposition to bullying



Set stronger opposition to bullying

It’s against the law to enter a crowded movie theater and scream falsely “fire!” The law is concerned, in the ensuing panic, people could become injured, maybe even killed. Yet it’s perfectly legal to bully a child, even until suicide. The bully will most likely not be arrested or face a judge or jury. How can we be so concerned about people in a theater and at the same time be so apathetic toward children at school?

Bullying is not a “free speech” issue. Bullying is a license to viciously murder the desire to even live. Up to 880,000 American kids try to kill themselves — every year.

German philosopher Nietzsche wrote, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” Must our schools be battlegrounds? Must our children face a daily life-or-death sentence just to obtain an education?

As I understand it, a civilization is composed of civilians who treat one another with civility. I wonder how history will rate our nation. If we dare to believe our children are the hope of our future, perhaps we should offer our children a present, a here, a now, in which our children can hope.

James T. Bawden